domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

New review in Beowolf Productions (U.S.A.)

Crawling out of the depths of Spain is the brutal Death Grind band known as VELOCIDAD ABSURDA. Born back in 1997 and then disbanded in 2004, but reborn back in 2008 the band finally unleashes their newest slab of Death Metal brutality. These guys mix old school Death Metal with old school Grindcore.

The music is raw, gritty and heavy as Hell. Your eardrums will be shredded to bloody bits when you get done with the Death Grind masterpiece. Blasts, chugs, breakdowns, churning grooves and more fill this chaotic mayhem.

Add in some low ended Death gurgles with some high pitch pig squeals and you got a bloody brutal Death dream come true. If you enjoy old school Death Grind then these guys are one of the best doing it out there now. Buy this, Blast this, annoy the neighbors and destroy everything! Very cool & highly recommended!

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